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Estate Administration

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION or Probate as it is often called, is the process of putting all the affairs of a person who has died in order so that their estate (that is their assets or everything they owned) is sold or transferred to the people entitled (“realised”) and all the debts and taxes, the liabilities, are paid.

At Whitaker Firth we see this as a very personal process and is a privilege to do this for the person who has died. It is also our way of helping the bereaved through part of the mourning process and being there to support and advise in what is often an overwhelming and bewildering situation.

The service we offer at Whitaker Firth is tailored to each estate and to each individual, one size never comfortably fits all. The same person, wherever possible, will deal with your matter from the very first appointment to the very last letter. We only have fully qualified solicitors or chartered legal executives at this firm so your matter will not be passed to someone who has no formal legal training. As a small team we all work closely with each other and will all help to deliver the best possible service to you.

Just like the person who has passed away, every estate is different, and the work that has to be done depends on what that person owned. We do however offer a choice of services, some of which are provided for a fixed fee whilst others are charged on an hourly rate basis.

Disbursements: These are payments made to other parties in connection with the work undertaken on your behalf. In the administration of an estate these include such things as oath fees, probate registry fees and bankruptcy searches. We reserve the right to ask for payment in advance of any disbursements.

Estate Administration Fees

For more information regarding Estate Administration please contact: Alexandra Wright

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