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Trusts & Gifts

A trust arises when a person (called a Trustee) holds or controls something for the benefit of another person or persons (the Beneficiary or Beneficiaries). There are many different types of trust and it is important that the correct type is used to achieve the desired goal. In its simplest form a savings account opened for a child in the name of an adult is a form of trust. For a trust to work properly it must be correctly set up and be appropriate for the desired outcome. A solicitor can advise on the different types of trust and which trust would, if any, be appropriate to your aims.

  • Creation of Trusts
  • Preparation of Trust Accounts
  • Full Trust administration Service
  • Dealing with taxation Issues
  • Distribution of Beneficiaries

Our lawyers can advise on the tax implications of setting up a trust, deal with registration of the trust with H M Revenue and Customs and all the associated paperwork to ensure the trust operates smoothly. We will also liaise with financial advisors and other institutions so as to ensure the right trust is prepared for the right reasons.

For more information regarding Trusts & Gifts please contact: Alexandra Wright

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